Technical Support

Our team specialize in providing Technical Support. We are able to provide Technical Support to Business and Residential customers. We have a two support team, our Remote Support Technician and our Onsite Technicians.

Our Remote Support Technician are capable of logging into your computer and resolving problems. In case the Remote Technician are not able to resolve the issue remotely, we are able schedule an appointment for an Onsite Technician. Here are a list of Technical Support Services that we offer.

Technical Support Services

  • Laptop Crack Screen
  • Replace Computer Hard Drive
  • Replace Computer Motherboard
  • Repair Smart phones
  • Setup Home WIFI Network
  • Provide Printer Support
  • Back Up Data
  • Data Recovery
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
  • Internet Security
  • Software Installation


+1 (888) 965 2455

About Simen

Averitek is an IT Support Company. We provide services ranges from Web Hosting, Web Design, Remote Support and much more. Our founder and CEO is Mr. Bryan Gaither, he developed this company in 2011.